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Custom Printed Pit Mat






RedTide Canopies now offers you a Custom Printed Pit Mat using rugged Vinyl Coated Polyester engineered to provide  long lasting performance like few others.  Printing is a novelty and is not warrantied as we cannot guarantee it will stand up to the harsh chemicals like brake cleaner long term.

18oz PVC Vinyl with Custom Design Included


Can you roll a jack on them?
-Yes, but any sharp objects will scratch any vinyl. If you choose to lift a car make sure proper equipment is used. Make sure vehicle is on concrete or pavement. Use proper flat bottom or rubber boot jack stands or pro jacks.

What is the use for a pit matt?
-Keep car on a clean surface, hold spills and easy clean up. Keep tires/vehicle on a dry surface, ex. Off grass, rocks, loose dirt…. and etc.
Can a canopy sit on top?
-Yes! Best way to use the pit matt! We also offer to make the matt to the size of any canopy.
Do you suggest using on grass or regular terrain?
-Yes! The mat has grommet holes to hold them down to soft terrain like grass or dirt. Recommend using for windy conditions.

Clean with foaming glass cleaner, Swiffer, soap and water and let dry. DO NOT clean with brake cleaner it will remove ink from pit mat if brake cleaner happens to get on the mat let it dry do not wipe.


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Pit Mat Size

10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 13×26

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